The Seven Seas Translations Agency
, a proud member of the Gardner English Group, is a dynamic organization created to cater for your multilingual business and editorial needs. Its two founding partners have a combined experience of more than 35 years translating for Mexican entrepreneurs and institutions and bring a wealth of linguistic knowledge and expertise to the table.
There is an art to translating. Word-by-word translations simply do not get the job done; the text’s underlying message must be assimilated and accurately conveyed so as to read as if composed in the target language. Moreover, a translation should seek to produce the same effect on readers as the first-language original. 

The team of talented translators and proofreaders who work at Seven Seas provide excellent service in any area: economics, law, entertainment, administration, literature, anthropology, art, engineering and the environment to name but a few
All of our translators are professionals who translate only into their mother tongue.